Acceptance of card payments at point of sale

Accepting card payments at the point of sale increases the turnover of your company and your number of clients!

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  • Favourable POS terminal rental charge
  • Low transaction fees
  • Free of charge installation and maintenance of POS terminals

New! Smart terminal

  • excellent for small enterprises, mobile traders and self-employed persons
  • compatible with Android mobile phones and tablets
  • the terminal sends the invoice for the transaction electronically either via text or e-mail
  • reports of goods sold
  • simple to use – no configuration by the bank required
  • rental charge subject to agreement with the bank

Other types of terminals

Stationary terminal

  • excellent for small and medium-sized enterprises with a stationary point of sale
  • requires broadband internet access
  • free of charge installation by the bank’s partner company
  • rental charge subject to agreement with the bank

Mobile terminal

  • excellent for all companies and self-employed persons with a stationary or mobile point of sale – for everyone who wishes to accept card payments without leaving the proximity of the client (e.g. cafés, couriers, etc.)
  • the terminal can be used in all locations with mobile coverage
  • requires a SIM (we offer a free of charge Telia SIM for clients)
  • free of charge installation by the bank’s partner company

Cash register system solution

  • excellent for companies that conduct many transactions per day and are using a cash register system into which the card payment terminal can be integrated
  • faster card payments – the sales data are only entered in the cash register
  • can be used with certified Citadele cash register systems
  • rental charge subject to agreement with the bank

Integrated terminal

  • excellent for parking lots, automated parcel terminals, filling stations and other self-service locations
  • the card payment is made without the help of customer service staff
  • rental charge subject to agreement with the bank

Merchant Portal – free of charge!

  • a convenient, simple and secure method for monitoring card transactions
  • records the enterprise’s transaction and transaction fee data for the previous two years
  • eight daily and monthly reports on the transactions of a terminal or the entire enterprise, inter alia including cash withdrawals, cancelled payments, claims of complaints and pre-sale codes
  • specialist support service for resolving any questions and issues
  • the service is offered by OÜ Worldline Payment Estonia, a partner of Citadele (for more information please call +372 626 4777)

How can a card payment terminal be ordered?

  • in order to receive a terminal, you must enter into the Agreement on Acceptance of Payment Cards and the Agreement on POS Rent
  • open an account in Citadele Bank
  • after signing the agreements, the bank’s partner company will install the terminal within three days in Tallinn or within five days outside of Tallinn

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