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Travel and purchase insurance

The Citadele Bank credit card user has insurance that covers all travels and all purchases.

The insurance is activated as soon as the card user departs the country of residence, even if the trip had not been paid for with the Citadele credit card (with the exception of some individual risks for which the credit card payment is compulsory). The insurance is valid for the first 90 calendar days of the trip and the number of such trips per year is unlimited.

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Terms and conditions of travel insurance (from 01.07.2018)
Terms and conditions of purchase insurance (from 01.07.2018)

What should be done in case of an insured event?

If you need advice or help from an insurance specialist or report insured event, call the AAS “BTA Baltic Insurance Company” 24/7 phone line for Citadele clients: +372 568 68668.
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