Travel and purchasing insurance

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Travel insurance
The insurance is activated as soon as the card user departs the country of residence, even if the trip had not been paid for with the Citadele credit card (with the exception of some individual risks for which the credit card payment is compulsory). The insurance is valid for the first 90 calendar days of the trip and the number of such trips per year is unlimited.

Family members of the credit card user (spouse and children aged up to 18, if the family travels together) are also insured. Insurance premiums should be referred to the payment card users aged up to 80 (exclusive). Clients aged over 80 are not insured. Expenses occurred not only due to sudden illness and accidents, but also expenses related to exacerbation of chronic diseases (for example, stroke, heart attack, asthma etc.) will be covered for the users of both the basic and additional cards. If several members of the same family take a trip at the same time, insurance amounts are divided in proportion per person.

Purchase insurance

Osta turvaliselt, sest Citadele panga krediitkaardiga tehtud ostud on 120 päeva kindlustatud varguste eest, samuti kehtib hinna kaitse ja laiendatud garantii elektroonikakaupadele.

Pole tähtis, kus on tehtud Teie ostud – Eestis, Internetis või mõnes teises riigis, omavastutus varguse, defekti või kauba kahjustamise eest on 60 eurot, samas hüvitab ostukindlustus Teie ostud, kui ülejäänud kauba väärtus on kuni 1 000 eurot.


Insurance amount limits EUR
Total insurance amount 100'000
Legal aid (Paid services of a lawyer/advocate/interpreter provided to a tourist abroad, if he/she has unintentionally failed to observe national traditions, norms or laws resulting in problems) 1'500
Medical expenses (Purchase of medication, X-rays, tomography etc., emergency surgery, bandages, transportation to the hospital, emergency dentistry) 75'000
Dentistry expenses 150
Medical transport 30'000
Repatriation (transportation of remains to the country of residence) 10'000
Expenses for the victim’s accompanying person 3'000
Medical evacuation (transportation of the insured person (tourist) to the country of residence, for example, severe fractures, condition of heart attack/stroke etc.) 15'000
Delay of luggage (personal items, clothing, souvenirs, hygiene products, skiing equipment etc.) exceeding 4h (Expenses occurred for the purchase of clothing adequate to climate, basic necessities, hygiene products are reimbursed) 200
Loss or damage of luggage (personal items, clothing, souvenirs, hygiene products, skiing equipment etc.) (Expenses occurred in relation to loss of luggage due to the carrier’s fault are reimbursed upon reception of respective confirming carrier’s statement.) 1'000
Flight delay, cancellation, denied boarding (Expenses for meals, hotel and transfer services are reimbursed.) 200
Late arrival to flight due to road traffic accident (Expenses for the purchase of new plane ticket and losses for the unused days in the paid hotel, if the road traffic accident results in client’s failure to take the scheduled flight, as well as expenses for overnight stay until departure are reimbursed.) 500
Inconsistency of departure and arrival times (Expenses for meals, refreshing drinks, hotel and taxi expenses to/from the hotel are reimbursed, subject to payment by Citadele MasterCard Gold credit card.) 200
Loss or theft of identity document (passport or ID card) (Expenses related to stay, meals, transport for the purpose of renewal of documents are reimbursed.) 250
Accident insurance including death or disability 10'000
Third-party liability insurance (Insurance covering losses caused to third party (including losses caused by a child aged up to 12), for example, during skiing, a traveller collides with other skier, who must seek medical help. Without third-party liability insurance, all the medical expenses should be covered by the guilty traveller.) 10'000

What should be done in case of an insured event?

If you need advice or help from an insurance specialist, call the Balta insurance company: +371 6752 2275 (weekdays from 8:30–18:00).

Report an insured event by contacting the Balta insurance company using their 24-hour phone line (+371 6615 4706) or e-mail address

Iga päev, 24 h ööpäevas on Sinu käsutuses Citadele panga klienditeeninduse spetsialistid, kes selgitavad kindlustuslepingu tingimusi ja aitavad leida vastuse Sinu küsimustele. Lihtsalt helista (+372) 77 00 000.

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