Payeezy solutions to help grow your business

  • Recurring Payments. For collecting both constant and changeable sums of money. Set the regularity yourself - daily, monthly or otherwise. Recurring payments are chosen by businesses whose clients pay a subscription fee (for example, gyms) or monthly invoices (for example, paying for internet services, apps, etc.)
  • One-Click Payments. Customers can save their card details so that further payments with this card can be made without re-entering their data. Clients have a free choice on whether to save their data. It speeds up the process and keeps customers satisfied.
  • Pay by Link. The option to generate a customer invoice and send it by email along with a link to an online payment form, for example, if the previous payment was not completed or when offering services on the phone.
  • Partial delivery payment. If a business is linked with product delivery, then this order can sometimes be delivered in sections. This e-commerce solution offers the option of collecting a partial payment from the client - just for the part of the order actually delivered. This leads to a reduction in customer complaints and increases customer satisfaction.
  • More information on card payments (Dynamic Descriptor). Suitable for businesses who use various domains for customer service. For example, if one internet store exists in different countries with different domains. This solution allows additional information to be added to an order so that customers see in their bank statement which page their purchase was made on.
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion. If your business serves clients who want to pay in a currency other than Euro, this solution enables them to see the transaction sum in their own card currency and to make transactions in this currency according to the current exchange rate. Meanwhile, your business will receive their money in Euro. If you wish to receive the money in other currencies, we also offer this option.

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