Current account

Opening of current account Free of charge
Verification of company documents upon account opening, where the owners or beneficiaries have their identity document issued outside Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or do not have a permanent residency permit issued in Estonia Individually (min EUR 500)2
Opening of Start-Up Account Free of charge
Maintainance of current account 0.64 EUR per month
Verification of authority on representing of the legal entity, current customer of Citadele Bank in connection with account servicing and new services providing in connection with or amendments in the current services, on the basis of the documents presented by customer Free of charge
Negative interest rate for Legal persons1 current account balance equal or larger 100'000 CHF, 1'000'000 SEK or 750'000 DKK 0.5% per year
Annual interest rate for credit balance 0%
Closure of account Free of charge

Escrow account

Opening of Escrow Account Free of charge
Servicing of Escrow Account Free of charge
Execution and maintenance of standard agreement of escrow account 0.4% of deal amount, min 200 EUR
Execution of non-standard agreement of escrow account individually, information in the bank
Changes of conditions in Escrow agreement (per case) 100 EUR

Effective as of 04.11.2019.


1 Fee has cumulative effect, and is applied next month, if the balance of accounts is 0 in particular month.
2 Fee is payable upon submitting account opening application.