Payment plans

  Payment Plan Citadele 15 Payment Plan Citadele 55 Payment Plan Citadele 120
Commission fee for the Payment Plan per month 7 EUR 17 EUR 37 EUR
Unlimited electronic payments at Citadele bank, including Latvian and Lithuanian branches Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
Standard electronic EUR payments within EU 15 payments - free of charge 55 payments - free of charge 120 payments - free of charge
Opening and maintenance of current account 1 account - free of charge 3 accounts - free of charge 3 accounts - free of charge
Issuance and maintenance of Mastercard Debit Business card within first year from the moment of drawing to the Payment Plan 1 card - free of charge 2 cards - free of charge 3 cards - free of charge
Connection to Citadele Online Banking and activation of MobileScan or issue of Digipass GO3 to one user Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
Connection to Citadele SMS Bank Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
For new corporate clients Payment plan for the first 6 months - free of charge Payment plan for the first 6 months - free of charge Payment plan for the first 6 months - free of charge

Effective from 01.03.2020.


Current account

Opening of current account 15 EUR
First verification of company documents upon account opening, where the owners or beneficiaries have their identity document issued outside Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia or do not have a permanent residency permit issued in Estonia. Individually (min. EUR 500)1
Maintainance of current account:  
if account’s average monthly balance is equal to or exceeds EUR 150 000 Free of charge
if account’s average monthly balance is less than EUR 150 000 3.60 EUR per month
if current account with payment card(-s) attached is (are) the only account (-s) at Citadele Bank 3.60 EUR per month
if there have not been customer’s initiated transactions performed on the current account for more than 12 months and customer has no other contracts concluded with Citadele Bank 6 EUR per month
if there is negative balance on the account and the account is not used for credit repayment 4.30 EUR per month
Remuneration to Citadele banka for the balance of money in the current account of a client or a group of related clients exceeding2: Annual interest rate:
CHF 100 000 1%
DKK 750 000 1%
EUR 1 000 0003 0,25%
SEK 1 000 000 1%
Closure of account Free of charge

Effective from 10.10.2019.


Escrow account4

Processing of escrow account 0.4% of transaction amount (min. 100 EUR)
Processing of amendments in escrow account agreement 35 EUR
Processing of agreement of escrow account with non- standard provisions Individually
Processing of escrow account agreement, if escrow account is used within the lending transaction5 0.5% of transaction amount (min. EUR 150)

Effective from 15.05.2019.


1Fee is payable upon submitting account opening application
2It is calculated from the balance in the current account for each calendar day when the account balance at the end of the day is equal to or exceeds the amounts specified in the Shedule of Fees and Charges, and the total amount calculated in a calendar month is deducted from the account on the last day of the same month. Citadele bank shall individualy notify the Client about the application of remuneration 14 calendar days in advance, except for cases when the Client fails to meet the conditions set forth in Clause 1.below as a result of which the remuneration shall be applied without separate notice. 1.The remuneration shall be applied to all clients which are: -insurance or reinsurance companies and financial institutions (including branches thereof) controlled by FCMC or other financial market supervisory authorities whose main activity is related to the providing of financial services; - other providers of lendingand leasing services.
3If currency of the account is not EUR, fee is charged in equivalent.
4The customer who wants to open a transaction account (lending excluded) is serviced only at Corporate Clients Service Division , branch ‘Citadele’, and at customer service centers and branches outside Riga.
5Commission fee can be increased in specific instances.