Applying is quick and easy!


  1. Fill in the application online, at our branch, or at the seller´s showroom.
  2. E-mail the following documents to in additional to the signed application:
    1. financial statements approved by a member of the company´s management board (most recent ones, but not older than three months)
    2. property sales offer or a valuation report prepared about the property by a valuator accepted by Citadele leasing (in the case of used property). A reference to the sales advertisment may be submitted instead of the sales offer
    3. the company´s account statement for the last six months (with both debit and credit entries displayed)
    4. the surety application of the company´s owner (in Estonian), if necessary
  3. We will make you a personal leasing offer after analysing the application and the documents.
  4. If the lease offer is suitable for you, we will prepare the contracts and agree on further activities.

Contracts can be signed digitally only if the company´s representative has been identified by Citadele leasing before the signing!