Select suitable leasing!

Financial, operating lease, leaseback

Financial lease

Financial lease is the best option if you would like to keel the property after the expiry of the lease period by paying for it in instalments during a certain period until the expiry of the lease term. You can start using the vehicle immediately after entering in the lease contract and paying the first instalment. The property will be registered in your name after the last instalment has been paid. If you would like to reduce the monthly lease payments or extend the lease contract after th expiry of the period, you can leave a large lease payment to be paid at the end of the lease period.

Citadele leasing will hand over the title to the property after the last payment has been made.


  • you can start using the property immediately after paying the first instalment and registering the property in the name of Citadele Leasing & Factoring OÜ;
  • the property is recognised under assets in the company´s balance sheet immediately after the company gains possession of the property, i.e. before the expiry of the term of the lease contract; and
  • pursuant to effective law, a legal entity can subtract the VAT from the cost of the property as a preliminary tax immediately after gaining possession of the property, which will provide the legal entity with additional working capital.

Operating lease

Operating lease is more suitable if you don´t yet know wheter you want to buy out the property for its residual value at the end of the lease period or to find another buyer for the property. This is why the residual value of the property is left in the payment schedule by the end of the period.

In this case, Citadele will buy the selected property and give it to you for use during the lease period. You will pay the monthly lease payments during the lease period. At the end of the lease period, you can return the property or buy it out for its residual value. The technical condition of the returned vehicle must correspond to the normal wear and tear of the vehicle.


  • smaller montly payments in comparison with capital lease;
  • used property can simple be returned after the expiry of the lease contract;
  • pursuant to effective law, VAT can be subtracted from the lease payments every month;
  • the leased property is not recognised in the legal entity´s balance sheet;
  • the legal entity or the third party appointed by the legal entity has the right to buy the property before the expiry of the lease contract.

Please consider your lease needs carfully, because there are other costs you will have to pay in addition to the lease payments, such as motor insurance and comprehensive insurance, registration in the Road Administration, technical inspections, fuel and maintenance.