Term Deposit

A safe and convenient method for increasing money – a high-interest deposit with a loyalty program

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  • The opening and maintenance of a term deposit is free of charge
  • Fixed interest rate for the entire deposit term
  • Increase the interest rate of the deposit with our loyalty program
  • Deposits are secured by our guarantee fund
  • It is possible to deposit financial resources in five currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, AUD or RUB
  • Possibility to automatically renew the term deposit at the end of the term

Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum deposit amount EUR 150, USD 200, GBP 100, AUD 200 or RUB 10,000
  • Deposit terms vary from one month to ten years. The amount of deposit cannot be changed during the term
  • Interest payable upon maturity or on a monthly basis
  • In case of premature cancellation of the term deposit, the calculated interest is not paid
  • The most convenient way to enter into a term deposit agreement is via the Citadele Internet Bank or by visiting Citadele Bank Branch
  • The deposits are guaranteed to the extent of 100% and in an amount of up to 100,000 euros per depositor.(Examine the fact sheet).

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150 EUR

150 000 EUR


Sorry, we do not offer term deposit with standard terms for chosen currency and period

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The result is approximate and may differ from the conditions offered to you.

Loyalty program

Deposit loyalty program terms and conditions – by renewing an existing Classic term deposit within 14 days after the maturity date, you will be able to receive up to 0.10% higher interest than the standard interest rates:

  • For the same period and in at least the same amount: +0.05%
  • For the same period and increasing the deposit amount: +0.07%
  • For a longer period than before and in at least the same amount: +0.10%

Increased deposit amount – increasing the amount by at least the minimum deposit amount of the respective currency. Renewing the term deposit – no less than the period of the subsequent deposit as indicated in the price list of the Bank.

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