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  • Simple, safe and beneficial
  • With an authorization device according to your needs
  • Available through any Internet browser
  • Open 24h to get information, for transactions, currency conversions and other bank services

Online banking - simple, safe and beneficial

All most demanded bank's daily services available 24/7

  • Getting access to Online banking is free of charge
  • There are lower commission fees than in a branch
  • Developed taking into account our customers' suggestions
  • Safety is always first!

Wide range of authentication devices

  • Multilevel safety system - user’s login name, password and authorization code from the authorization device chosen by customer.
  • To manage your account, you can use the code card, ID-card, PIN calculator or Digipass device intended for electronic identification.
  • Authorization device must be chosen when first activating Online banking, but it can be changed later on.

More than 177,000 Citadele customers use Online banking

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