Online banking authorization devices

User can choose authorization device according to his needs

Device One payment limit Daily limit
ID card no limits no limits
Code card 200 € 4 000 €
PIN calculator up to 26 000 € up to 80 000 €
Digipass 320 no limits no limits


ID card

Always with you!

With ID card it is possible to perform payments without any limits. ID card is very secure and an easy way to perform payments or to enter the Online Bank.

Code card

In your wallet!

Code card is a plastic card in standard payment card size on which is identification number (ID No.) and code list with serial numbers.

When connecting to Online banking by system request you have to enter a code with a specific serial number. The codes on this card can be used multiple times, so the code card doesn’t need to be changed.

Code card is a good solution if user’s planned payment amount and sums will be small.


PIN calculator

Small and convenient!

A small and light code calculator with LCD screen that generates unique single code by simply pressing one button. The generated code consists of 6 randomly selected digits and is valid for less than a minute.

PIN calculator will be suitable for customers with a bigger volume of payments in Online banking, as well as for those, to whom additional safety is relevant when doing distant payments. It works on a battery whose lifetime is up to 5 years.


Changes in the work of PIN calculator from September 14th

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Digipass 320

For companies!

Code calculator with whom user identification in Online banking, as well as authorization of transactions and orders, is carried using two-stage safety system:

  1. In Digipass device customer enters his chosen 5 digit PIN code and then in
  2. Online bank enters 6 digit unique single code generated by code calculator.

Digipass 320 will be the most suitable solution for customers with a large amount of planned payments in Online banking. It works on a battery whose lifetime is up to 3 years. Instruction for work with Digipass 320

Instructions for work with older Digipass devices:
Digipass 700


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