Maxi savings account

Save and use the money whenever you want

Open Maxi savings account

  • Save money
  • Make your money earn interest
  • Personal consultation

Maxi savings account

  • Deposit and save as much as you want
  • We calculate the interest on a daily basis and transfer it to your account once a month
  • MasterCard payment card
  • You can use your money any time by using the card to pay for your purchases
  • Please inform us about a cash withdrawal 7 days in advance

Open Maxi savings account


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100 EUR

10 000 EUR


The result is approximate and may differ from the conditions offered to you.

Opening a Maxi savings account is easy

  • Open the account in our internet bank or at the branch
  • Transfer the initial amount to the account
  • We will send you a MasterCard payment card
  • Use saved money at any time by paying with card

Open Maxi savings account

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