Travel and Purchase insurance

Visa Platinum

Travel insurance

Citadele Visa Platinum cedit card holders are insured during all travels, both home and abroad. Citadele Visa Platinum credit card also provides you with a purchase insurance. Purpose of the travel may be business, studies, leisure or other. Insurance applies to the first 90 calendar days of each trip, while the number of trips on annual basis is unlimited.

Family members of the credit card user (spouse and children aged up to 18, if the family travels together) are also insured. Insurance premiums should be referred to the payment card users aged up to 80 (exclusive). Clients aged over 80 are not insured. Expenses occurred not only due to sudden illness and accidents, but also expenses related to exacerbation of chronic diseases (for example, stroke, heart attack, asthma etc.) will be covered for the users of both the basic and additional cards. If several members of the same family take a trip at the same time, insurance amounts are divided in proportion per person.

Purchase insurance

All purchases made using Citadele Visa Platinum credit card are insured for 120 days against thefts. The insurance also includes price protection and extended warranty for consumer electronics.  

No matter where your purchases have been made - in Estonia, the Internet or in another country, excess for theft, a defect or a damaged product is €75. All other costs up to €1500  are covered by the purcase insurance.


Insurance amount limits EUR
Total insurance amount 250'000
Insurance of legal expenses (expenses, which occurred during the travel using legal assistance in connection with a third party’s claim against you, if you have inadvertently violated the legislation of the travel country, as a result there are caused losses to the third party) 3'000
Medical expenses (urgent medical expenses, incl. purchase of medication, X-rays, tomography etc., emergency surgery, bandages, transportation to the hospital, emergency dentistry) 225'000
Dentistry expenses 150
Medical transport 100'000
Repatriation of the patient 100'000
Expenses for the victim’s accompanying person (if, an accompaniment during the patient’s repatriation is necessary, but it can be executed by your family member (or friend), who travels together with you, then we shall compensate his/her travel and accommodation expenses) 3'000
The traveling expenses for arrival of relatives (if the hospitalization of the Customer lasts more than 24 hours and it is necessary for a time period longer than for 10 calendar days, or the Customer’s health condition is critical, we shall compensate for one or two family members a return ticket in economy class, hotel and catering expenses) 5'000
Repatriation in the event of death 100'000
Child’s evacuation (if in connection with your hospitalization a child under age of 16, who was traveling together with you, remains without adult’s assistance, we shall compensate expenses for his delivery to the country of residence) 30'000
Luggage delay of more than 3 hours (basic necessities, hygiene products, expenses incurred for the purchase of clothing adequate to climate) 500
Damage, loss of luggage (In the event of luggage loss we shall compensate your losses in connection with the replacement of lost goods with an equal, or shall pay an indemnity of the actual value of the luggage; in the event of  luggage damage, we shall compensate your documented losses for repairing and cleaning of damaged luggage) 1'500
Cancellation, interruption of travel 1'500
Delay of flight, missed connecting flight and refusal of a seat in an airplane 500
Delay in a trip due to traffic accident (we shall compensate the losses for refund of a ticket or purchase of a new economy class ticket for the transport, which is equal to the delayed) 1'500
Insurance of travel documents (obtaining of new document instead of stolen or lost) 300
Insurance of accidents 75'000
Civil liability (insured your civil liability, which occurs during a travel as a result of your action or inaction or as a result of your child’s conscious or unconscious action (with a condition that the child is under the age of 12), in connection with which there are caused losses to a third party’s health or life, or there is damaged the third party’s property) 30'000
The coverage of deductible in accordance with the Car hire agreement 1'500

What needs to be done in case of an accident, when one of the travel insurance risks has occurred?

If you need advice or help from an insurance specialist, call the Balta insurance company: +371 6752 2275 (weekdays from 8:30–18:00).

Report an insured event by contacting the Balta insurance company using their 24-hour phone line (+371 6615 4706) or e-mail

Every day, 24 hours a day, you will have Citadele Bank customer service specialists who will explain the terms of the insurance contract and help you find the answer to all your questions. Call us (+372) 77 00 000.

*24-hour service outside of working hours is only available in Russian and / or English