Cash operations

Cash deposit

To account in Citadele Bank (deposit currency must accord to account currency1:  
EUR, per each deposit 0.25%, min 5 EUR
Other currencies 0.8%, min 10 EUR
EUR cash deposits through Citadele Bank’s ATMs to accounts of payment cards issued by Citadele Bank Free of charge

Effective from 01.11.2019.

Cash withdrawal from account

Cash withdrawal in EUR 0.5%, min 5 EUR
Cash withdrawal in other currency2 0.8%, min 10 EUR
Cash withdrawal over the branch limit3 3% of deal amount (min. 20 EUR)

Effective from 01.11.2019.

Other cash operations, coins and banknotes processing

Currency exchange in cash 3.5 EUR (for a deal) for current customers of Citadele bank if own personal identification document; 7 EUR (for a deal) in other cases
Cash withdrawal over the branch limit 3% of deal amount (min. 20 EUR)
Exchange of EUR banknotes for banknotes or/and coins (EUR) 3% min. 20 EUR
Currency exchange if specific nominals provided upon order 3% of deal amount (min.20 EUR)
Acceptance of outdated, defective or wornout banknotes (except EUR) 5% min.20 EUR
Additional commission for coin processing, for EUR coins 10% of amount (min. 20 EUR)

Effective from 01.11.2019.

1Cash deposit in own Savings account+, Maxi Savings account, current account for term-deposit opening, only on the day of term-deposit opening and simultaneously making order for depositing of these funds into term-deposit’s account – free of charge. Cash deposit up to 500 EUR is for free, if this is the first client’s initiated transaction in bank to the client's own current account with payment card. Cash deposit into own account (up to EUR 9.99 per day) if there is unauthorised negative balance of the mentioned account – free of charge. Cash deposit EUR, USD into Mortgage credit repayment account, account determined in contract on debt repayment or contract on Credit for Private consumption-free of charge.
2The availability of different currencies and banknotes varies and is not guaranteed.
3Commission fee is charged during ordering. Cash order must be performed at least one Citadele Bank working day before. Ordered nominals are available in customer service centre till the end of the day of deal, agreed between customer and Citadele Bank. About time of order execution Bank Citadele and customer agree individually. Cash limits, which are available in branch without pre-ordering is set out in Bank Citadele website and can be changed without prior notice.