Mortgage loan, Housing loan

1. Execution of credit agreement:  
1.1. for purchasing real estate in a new project1 or using KredEx guarantee 0.5% of Amount (min.200 EUR)
1.2. execution of credit to the rest of the cases, not mentioned in  paragraph 1.1. 1% of Amount (min. 200 EUR)
2. Execution of amendments:  
additional loan amount granting 1% of the loan amount, min 200 EUR
payment date change free of charge
other amendments2 100 EUR
3. Fee for early repayment the amount of 3 months’ interest (will not be applied in the case of 3 months’ advance notice)

Effective from 01.02.2020.

Consumer loan

Execution of agreement on issuing of Consumer Loan 2% from agreement amount (min. 50 EUR)
Execution of amendments 25 EUR

Effective from 01.11.2019.

1 construction, reconstruction, renovation completed after 2000
If amendments are initiated by the bank, fee is not applied.