Appendix 1 Fees appliance conditions

Terms for submission and execution of payments, special conditions
Order submission time1 (Estonian time) Special conditions Execution day
EUR: other payments before 16:00 - the same working day
Money transfers within the Citadele group before 17:00 - the same banking day
Regular transfer to another bank:
EUR: SEPA Instant payment Without restrictions - Immediately after acceptance
EUR: SEPA before 15:45 Only SHA allowed. OUR accepted in case of payment with currency conversion the same banking day
USD, CNY individually, information from the Bank
BYN, RUB before 17:00 RUB-only OUR is allowed next banking day
GBP, DKK, NOK, SEK, PLN, CAD, CHF, JPY, KZT, CZK before 17:00 - day after the next banking day
NZD, AUD before 14:00 - Day after the next banking day
Incoming transfers into account:
EUR, GBP, DKK, NOK, SEK, PLN, CZK before 17:00 - on the same bank day if the bank has received information on the payment into the correspondent account of Citadele banka
In other foreign currency before 17:00 - on the next bank day after transferring funds into correspondent account of Citadele banka
Commission types:
SHA Citadele commission fee is paid by the payer (in addition to the amount transferred, but beneficiary`s account is credited by the amount transferred less any commission fees of charged by the correspondent and intermediary banks. In case of SHA, beneficiary bank ensures delivery of full amount of PSL payment into beneficiary`s account, except when the beneficiary bank has agreed with the beneficiary the commission may be withheld from the incoming amount
OUR banks’ commission fee is paid by the payer. Citadele Bank withholds commission fees of Citadele bank and correspondent bank at the moment of payment from the payers account (in addition to the amount transferred). If the beneficiary bank or intermediary bank requests Citadele Bank to pay its any commission fee, Citadele shall withhold it from the customer’s account under the acceptance-free procedure.
BEN banks’ commission fee is paid by the beneficiary.
European payments (EU regulated payments, SEPA, SEPA Instant2)3 payments in EUR currency within the European Union (as well as Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway). In order for such payment type to be performed, one must specify the following details in the payment order: - Recipient’s IBAN account number, - Commission type – SHA (shared); - Payment type – standard. Citadele Bank is not responsible if the recipient bank has not followed the instructions of Citadele Bank that are necessary to execute a payment regulated by the EU for the reasons beyond the control of Citadele Bank.
Remote account management systems
Authorisation device category Daily debit turnover, EUR
MEDIUM 60 000,00 EUR (sixty thousand EUR)
INDIVIDUAL 10 000 000,00 EUR (ten million EUR)
Authorisation device category Authorisation device
INDIVIDUAL Mobile ID4, E-signature, DIGIPASS 320 (and older DIGIPASS models)
Following batch limits (limit of several payments approval with single authorization code) are set for authorization device categories:
Batch limit
Authorisation device category (number of payments) (total amount of payments)
MEDIUM 50 (fifty) 60 000,00 EUR (sixty thousand EUR)
INDIVIDUAL5 500 (five hundred) 2 000 000,00 EUR (two millions EUR)
  • 1 Banking day – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 9.00 to 17.00, excluding official holidays of Republic of Estonia and Latvia.
  • 2 SEPA Instant payment - payment in EUR currency sent to the beneficiary Bank that ir participant of Instant payment system.
  • 3 In case EUR payment is made to the Bank that is not participant of Instant payment system or payment can’t be processed as SEPA Instant payment due to technical or any other restrictions, then it will be processed as SEPA Credit transfer automatically. Bank is entitled to set maximum allowed SEPA Inst payment amount limit as well as impose any additional limitations for payment processing as SEPA Instant payment. Information about the maximum SEPA Inst payment amount limit is available in Bank’s homepage and in customer service centres.
  • 4 If Mobile ID or E-signature is not listed in Online banking contract, then Mobile ID or E-signature has limits of respective authorization device listed in contract.
  • 5 Number of payments for Digipass 320 and older devices is 50 (fifty).