No monthly fee and other benefits

When actively using X hero card on daily basis, you can get a 50% or 100% discount on your basic card monthly fee.

Total amount of purchases made with the basic and supplementary card in the first half of the year*:Amount of discount for the basic card monthly fee for the next 6 (six) months, starting from the beginning of the half year of using the card:

EUR 3 000 inclusive 100% discount on basic card monthly payment

EUR 2 000 inclusive 50% discount on basic card monthly payment

Example: If the card was issued in April 2018, the full 6-month period ends on October 31, 2018. If the amount of purchases made with X hero during this period is EUR 3161.12, then X hero will be free of charge for the next 6 months starting in November 2018.

* Every 6 months period starting from the first day of the month following the date of issue of the basic card shall be considered as the half-year of use of the card.

The bank is entitled to review the terms and conditions of the purchase and the volume criteria on a semi-annual basis. For information on the annual period of using the card, call 77 00 000.