To make sure you have exciting and safe experiences right here in Estonia, your credit card will have additional insurance coverage. 

Covid-19 illness insurance
When traveling with X Platinum credit card, you and your family will be protected if Covid-19 illness is found abroad. If medical help is needed, medical expenses, expenses of replacement tickets if it is not possible to return to the scheduled time due to illness, medical evacuation will be reimbursed. Read the insurance terms before you travel.

Until 31.10.2020. the insurance of the bicycle policy, help package for your home and short trips in Estonia are extended.

This will protect you and your family when you go out on bike rides. The bike will be insured against damage and the risk of theft. Civil liability is also insured, if losses to third parties are caused by your bicycle during your ride. 

Staying at home is now safe. In unexpected situations, your property will be protected, offering help in avoiding or limiting damage resulting from sudden accidents.

The following services are available in unexpected situations: 

  • Consultations by phone 56868668;
  • Key service, if you are locked in or out of your property; 
  • Carpentry services; 
  • Plumbing services; 
  • Liquid disposal services; 
  • Security services; 
  • Electrician services. 

Now even better terms for travel within Estonia. When you travel 50km from your home and stay 1 night in paid or previously-reserved accommodation, you are insured against accidents, medical expenses, theft of cash, as well as your rental car deductible! 

More on bicycle insurance
More on help packages for your home

Travel insurance

X Platinum card users receive travel insurance free of charge, travelling worldwide, incl. Estonia (more than 95 km away from the place of usual residence and when paying the hotel for not less than 2 nights).

What is insured?

Medical risks: medical expenses, dental assistance expenses, transportation costs, purchase or rent of temporary medical aids.

When traveling abroad, you no longer have to worry about purchasing travel insurance because your X Platinum will cover medical expenses. In case of sudden illness or accident, you will be reimbursed for medical treatment abroad.

Cancellation and interruption of travel

You can feel protected even in situations where the trip is not on schedule, because your X Platinum card compensates you for travel inconvenience in the event of delay or loss of baggage, delay or cancellation of the flight, if due to weather conditions or other the reason you are late for the transfer, or because of theft or loss you need to restore your passport or ID card. The baggage delay risk insurance cover takes effect if baggage claim is delayed by more than 3 hours from the time you arrive – not only at the destination, but also at the intermediate stage of the trip.

You will not need to worry about the costs associated with the cancellation of the trip (tickets for transport and hotel reservations), if you cannot travel due to a sudden illness (sick leave for at least 10 days).

Covered deductible under car rental contract

You will be refunded the deductible, which the rental company is holding back from you for unintentional and unforeseen physical damage caused to the rental car. Insurance coverage does not apply to cars rented by family members.

Legal assistance: If you accidentally violate national laws during the trip, thereby causing damage to a third party and you need legal assistance, X Platinum insurance will reimburse a lawyer's fee of up to 1000 EUR.

Important to remember!

Before traveling to European countries, make sure you have a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). If you do not yet have EHIC, or it is expired, you can order the card electronically, free of charge, and receive the card by mail later.

Travel insurance is also valid if the trip is not paid with your X Platinum.

Insurance is valid for the first 90 calendar days of each trip, while the number of trips per year is not limited.

Insurance cover is valid for payment card users up to 80 years of age (inclusive).

Insurance for purchases

Shop safely! Any purchase made with X Platinum worldwide is insured against the risk of theft or damage.

If, within 30 days of purchase, the purchase of an identical item at an alternative trader is possible at a lower price than you paid for it and the price difference is more than 20 EUR, then the price difference will be refunded to you as part of the purchase insurance. Price protection insurance works only in Estonia.

Extended warranty for electrical products

The warranty period is one year. Reimbursement of the cost of repairing or replacing the goods under the conditions consistent with the terms of the factory warranty of the manufacturer of the product.

Where to call in case of an accident?

If you need advice from an insurance specialist, a consultation or you want to report an accident, please contact the Customer Support Service of AAS “BTA Baltic Insurance Company” at any time by calling the 24-hour telephone number + 372 568 68668, which is designated for Citadele customers, or write to kahjud@bta.ee.

Citadele Sky Branch is at your disposal, which will explain the insurance terms & conditions, and help you find the answer to any question. Just call +372 77 00 000.