How will client service business customers at be offered at Citadele?

In line with the government’s protective measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Citadele office works by appointment only from 20.03.2020—only for those services which are not available remotely.

Before you visit our office in order to receive an in-person service, we invite you to check whether this service is available remotely—through our website, online bank, mobile app or through our remote branch. This can be done on our website. For our clients’ convenience, we have created a list or services available remotely.

To apply for an appointment, please call our remote service centre at 7700 000. Clients will have to complete a form stating that:

  1. they have not been abroad within the past 14 days;
  2. they have not had any contact with a COVID-19 patient or anyone who has been in contact with a patient;
  3. they feel well, with no symptoms of illness.

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