Reactivating MobileSCAN in online banking

If you have already had MobileSCAN

In case of purchase of new device instead of old one, which was authorized to use with big limits, you’ll need to activate new device in your online bank via previous registered appliance. In this case, all available limits will be transmitted to current device automatically.

1. Access Citadele Online Banking

2. Open Mobile Services on the left.

3. Press Add New Device and familiarise with the guidelines.

4. Open the Citadele mobile application on the mobile device where you would like to activate MobileSCAN.

5. Press the button “MobileSCAN” to access the start activation screen.

6. Press Code Scanning in online banking

7. In bank application press “Connect”, camera will be opened, with it help scan the color-code in online banking.

8. Devise a 5-digit PIN code to be further used for connection to Online Banking and enter it into your mobile device.
Repeat it.

9. The activation code will be shown on the screen of the mobile device.

10. Enter this code in the field MobileSCAN Activation Code in online banking.

11. An SMS message will be sent to your mobile device (if you are using a PIN calculator) containing a digital code.

12. Enter the required code from the PIN calculator in the Internet bank and the code received in the SMS message.

13. If you use Digipass 320 for authorization, you will only need to enter the code from Digipass 320.

14. If you use MobileSCAN on the previous device for authorization, sign the document using it.

15. Press Finish and MobileSCAN will be activated!

MobileSCAN limits can be increased only in branch offices, except if the device is unsafe.

Important! Limits for single payment in mobile application is 10 000 Euros, no matter how high the MobilSCAN limits are.

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