Online banking options and safety

Citadele Online banking allows you to safely manage your finances from any place in the world 24/7

One and the same person can be registered as Online banking user for several customers (they can be both private and legal persons), and one customer can give access to his Online banking to several users. Customer can determine different levels of Online banking access rights to these users.

Online banking has two standard user levels

  1. Full rights - allows to use all Online banking functions.
  2. View rights - allows user to see information about customer.

A special regime can also be activated, when user has access to separate, customer’s indicated services, such as fully available current accounts, but accounts that are connected with cards, are in viewing regime. Also, customer can hide his credit information or a specific account from an Online banking user.

Most important Online banking functions

  • Information about account state and transaction history
  • Option to see account overview and download it, also in PDF format
  • Making payments, including currency conversion
  • Creating own payment samples
  • Paying invoices
  • Creating regular Standing order payments
  • Ordering new payment cards, blocking, unblocking or closing of the current ones
  • Activating SMS bank, control and change of settings
  • Open Savings Account+ or Term Deposit
  • Sending orders and notices to bank

To use Citadele Online banking, you need

  • Internet connection
  • Computer with Windows, Linux or Macintosh operating system
  • Internet Explorer 9+ or Mozila Firefox 30+, or Google Chrome 32+,or Opera 19+

It is possible to connect to Online banking via smartphone or tablet.

Online banking safety

Using Citadele Online banking is safe.

To not allow the access to data for unauthorized persons, a multilevel safety system has been developed with special data transmission protocol (SSL - Secure socket layer). In your browser the image of a key indicates to this protocol. By clicking on the key image you will get the information about data coding method used in Citadele Online banking.

Authorization mechanism identifies user by:

  • Login name is chosen by user
  • Password, that is issued by bank in a closed envelope, but user changes it when connecting to Online banking for the first time
  • Authorization code from the chosen authorization device

These data are strictrly confidential and it's forbidden to disclose those to other persons!

For safety purposes Online banking periodically will ask to change the password, but user, if necessary, can change it himself.

You must remember that on Online banking all connecting, password change and other significant operations cases are recorded. System allows to oversee the history of these operations, by giving an option to state an unauthorized person’s attempt to connect.

If there are issues to connect to Online banking

  • If login name or password has been entered incorrect or a non-existing login name was entered, system will determine that user has not been identified. In this case you must check if there are no mistakes and that Caps lock is not active, and must try to connect again.
  • If password will be entered incorrectly several times, login name will be blocked. It’s possible to unlock by calling customer support line 77 00 000 and providing the employee with the requested information.
  • If symbols that are unaccepted in Online bank are used (for example: ā, č, д, -, % etc.), the system will state that login name or password have been entered incorrect.
  • If several times in a row an incorrect authorization code will be entered, access to Online banking will be blocked. Access to Online banking then can only be unblocked in Citadele branch.
  • If user’s Internet browser doesn’t support functions that are necessary for full Online banking operation, a page will open with an according notice and request to download the latest browser version.

Would you like more information?

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