Additional services

for business customer

 Additional services association with lending

Valuation of the collateral1 from 50 EUR
Contractual penalty for not delivering the insurance policy 10 EUR
Service fee for statement of the annual report from the Commercial Register 10 EUR
Consultation charges 32 EUR/hour


Fee for the collection of debt under the loan agreement

In case indebtedness exceeds 14 days 10 EUR
In case indebtedness exceeds 30 days 20 EUR
In case indebtedness exceeds 60 days 30 EUR

Valid from 15.06.2017


1Bank will not issue valuation report. Teenuse hinnale lisandub käibemaks vastavalt käibemaksuseadusele.
2 Rakendatakse juhul, kui klient ei ole aruannet õigeaegselt esitanud.