Acceptance of payment cards in sales locations

Making payments with cards in sales areas means a stable growth in the number of clients and sales volume!

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  • LowPOS-terminal rental cost
  • Free of chargeinstallation and maintenance of POS terminals
  • Lowtransaction fees

New! Smart-terminal

  • Excellent for small enterprises, mobile traders and self-employed persons
  • Compatible with the Android mobile operating system
  • The terminal sends the invoice for the transaction electronically either via text or e-mail
  • Reports of goods sold
  • Simple to use – no configuration by the bank required
  • Monthly subscription fee is charged individually

Other types of terminals

Android OS-based mobile POS terminal

A next-generation card terminal with a camera that unites several functions: taking payments, scanning COVID-19 certificates, and the device functionality to be used as a cash register system in the future.

  • Suitable for all businesses, as it can be used on site as well as on excursions
  • Can be integrated with other applications
  • Integrated camera can be used to scan goods and other useful information, such as COVID-19 vaccination certificates
  • The POS terminal works both with a SIM card on a mobile network and by connecting to WiFi
  • Provides fast 4G connection
  • Monthly subscription fee €14.50 + VAT

Stationary terminal

  • Excellent for small and medium-sized enterprises with a stationary point of sale
  • Internet connection is required
  • Free of charge installation by the bank’s partner company
  • Monthly subscription fee is charged individually

Mobile terminal

  • Excellent for all companies and self-employed persons with a stationary or mobile point of sale – for everyone who wishes to accept card payments without leaving the proximity of the client (e.g. cafés, couriers, etc.)
  • The terminal can be used in all locations with mobile coverage
  • Requires a SIM (we offer a free of charge Telia SIM for clients)
  • Free of charge installation by the bank’s partner company
  • Monthly subscription fee is charged individually

Integrated terminal

  • Excellent for parking lots, automated parcel terminals, filling stations and other self-service locations
  • The card payment is made without the help of customer service staff
  • Monthly subscription fee is charged individually

Cash register system solution

  • Excellent for companies that conduct many transactions per day and are using a cash register system into which the card payment terminal can be integrated
  • Faster card payments – the sales data are only entered in the cash register
  • Only valid for cash register systems certified by Citadele
  • Monthly subscription fee is charged individually

Special offer* for new clients

  S offer M offer L offer
Planned turnover on one terminal up to 5,000 Euro from 5,000 to 10,000 Euro over 10,000 Euro
Card acceptance commission rate 0.99% + 0.01 EUR 0,99% + 0,01 EUR 0,85% + 0,01 EUR
Terminal rental fee First 6 months First 6 months First 6 months
Terminal rental fee from month 7 From 6.00 + VAT Free of charge** Free of charge**

* Citadele Bank reserves the right to consider each retailer’s application individually, and as a result, each offer may differ from the special offer

** Mobile and Wi-Fi POS terminal monthly fee 14.50 EUR + VAT.

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How can a card payment terminal be ordered?

  • In order to receive a terminal, you must enter into the Agreement on Acceptance of Payment Cards and the Agreement on POS Rent
  • Open an account in Citadele Bank
  • After the contract has been signed, a POS-terminal of your choice will be installed in Tallinn within three days and outside of Tallinn – within five days

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Merchant Portal – free of charge!

  • Convenient, simple and safe way to monitor the enterprise’s transactions made with payment cards
  • Records the enterprise’s transaction and transaction fee data for the previous two years
  • Eight types of daily and monthly reports in terms of a POS-terminal or the whole enterprise containing information about the cash disbursement service, events of fraud and reclamation, as well as electronic sale of prepaid codes
  • In case of questions or problems call the support
  • The service is provided by the Bank’s cooperation partner OÜ Worldline Payment Estonia (more information by phone +372 626 4777)

Mastercard Business Debit Card

  • Conveniently deposit and withdraw cash from ATMs.
  • Control employees’ card transactions. Set a daily limit for each card on purchases and cash withdrawal.
  • If necessary, use to pay for goods and services.


Price: 1,25 EUR/month

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