Everyday settlements in Citadele Bank

Types of payments

Citadele Group payment

  • A payment made between the Citadele Group accounts opened in Estonia or Latvia
  • Payments in any currency
  • Citadele Group payments are transferred to the beneficiary immediately

Euro payment

  • A payment in EUR made in the Single Euro Payments Area* (including banks operating in Estonia)
  • A regular payment made on a banking day before 15:45 is transferred to the beneficiary on the same day
  • An urgent payment made on a banking day from 9:00 to 16:00 is transferred to the beneficiary within 30 minutes at the latest
  • Service charge-type “shared costs” (i.e. the costs are equally divided between the transferor and the beneficiary)
  • The payment order must include the correct International Banking Account Numbers (IBANs) of the beneficiary

* The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) connects the European Economic Area (including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland and San Marino), where payments are subject to the same terms and conditions


International  payment

  • A payment in a foregin currency or a payment to a beneficiary whose account is located outside the Single Euro Payments Area (click here to learn about Russian rouble payments)
  • A regular payment is received by the beneficiary’s correspondent bank within 3 banking days at the latest (price list)
  • An urgent payment is received by the beneficiary’s correspondent bank within 2 banking days at the latest (price list)

International receipts

In case of payments transferred to Citadele Banka Estonian Branch from outside the Republic of Estonia and/or in case of payments made in a foreign currency, the beneficiary must communicate the following bank details to the transferor:

  • Beneficiary’s name/designation and address
  • Beneficiary’s current account number (IBAN) in Citadele Bank
  • Beneficiary’s bank – Citadele Banka Estonian Branch, Narva mnt 63/1, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Correspondent bank’s SWIFT (BIC) PARXLV22 (if the payment is not in EUR)

List of Correspondent Banks

Standing order

  • Standing order allows a Citadele Bank customer to make regular transfers in a specific amount automatically for the purpose of saving time
  • Standing order agreements can be entered into for a specified term and without a term
  • The Standing order may be a Euro or a Citadele Group payment