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  • PayeezyMastercard and Visa card acceptance solution
  • PayByLinksolution for electronic invoice payment by card
  • Digilinkfor payments using the Citadele online bank

Payeezy - online card payments

Payeezy e-commerce solutions allow clients from all over the world to pay on your online store, website or mobile app by card. Receive the money the next day, and you can always see up-to-date information on customer transactions in the portal.

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For purchase payments using the Citadele online bank

  • Digilink allows the Citadele clients to pay for goods and services with a transfer from their bank account using the online bank or mobile app
  • The money will enter your company’s account within seconds of the payment being made
  • The business immediately receives a bank confirmation of purchase completion, and can provide their service
  • Digilink allows you to check people’s identity using the Citadele online bank

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Electronic invoices which your customer will receive by email and can pay by card

  • Prepare electronic invoices in the e-commerce portal and email them to your customers. Customers can pay them using a Mastercard or Visa card
  • You will receive the money during the next working day
  • You can personalise your invoices for various purposes
  • View invoice status, return money if necessary, and compile various reports using the retailer portal
  • The service is particularly useful for those who make sales by phone, providers of hotel services, and insurance providers

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