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Become a customer remotely

This is the best time to open a Citadele account - fully remotely, quickly and at any time of the day.


Payment plans

Special offers when applying remotely.


X Business card

Use your card for free for a year when you select one of our plans.


Remote services

Join our clients quickly and easily!

Become a client without visiting the branch

Time is money, so no one likes to spend time on things that can be done quickly. We understand the value of time in Citadele, so we also offer an opportunity to open a company account remotely – in any time and place convenient for you.

  • Fill out the application and the questionnaire remotely if you can represent your company alone. All that is needed – Qualified SmartID, ID-card or Mobile-ID to sign the application.
  • Wait for confirmation from the bank and start using your account on the Online bank.
  • Receive your X Business card by mail.
  • Enjoy the benefits of your business account in Citadele!
Fill the application

Payment plans

Choose one of our payment plans and get better value when you use our everyday services at one fixed monthly cost. All plans include:

  • An unlimited number of free electronic transfers to accounts at Citadele Bank (without a plan, each transfer would cost 0.10 EUR).
  • A set number of free electronic EUR transfers to other banks in Europe (without a plan, each transfer would cost 0.38 EUR).
  • The use of a set number of X Business cards for one year commission-free (without a plan, each card would cost 4.50 EUR/month).
  • A set number of free current accounts (without a plan, each account would cost 1 EUR/month).
Choose the one for you
  • Use your X Business card for free for the first year when you select one of our payment plans.
  • Receive great discounts at retail locations throughout Baltics.
  • Receive travel insurance and purchase protection.
  • Deposit cash at Citadele ATMs for free up to 10 000 EUR.
Find out more

  • Accept money from all your customers with our most suitable card terminal.
  • Use all card terminals for free for the first 6 months.