Current Account

for business customer

Opening of Current Account free of charge1
Opening of Start-Up Account free of charge
Maintenance of Current Account per month 0.64 EUR
Authentication of signature and stamp sample card free of charge
Change signature and stamp samples on the bank card free of charge
Closing of Current Account free of charge
Annual interest rate for credit balance 0%
Negative interest rate for Legal persons current account balance equal or larger 100 000 CHF, 1 000 000 SEK or 750 000 DKK 1% per year
Opening of Current Account in Citadele banka (Latvia) 20 EUR2

Valid from 15.06.2017


1 The Bank has the right to implement the price list established for non-resident clients for a client if pursuant to the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act, the Bank is required to implement enhanced due diligence towards the client and/or the client’s transactions (incl. if most of the beneficial owners of a resident legal entity are non-residents and/or at least 51% of the company belongs to non-residents etc.).
2 Will be added delivery fee and Citadele banka (Latvia) fees.