Service Fee
Consideration of an application Free of charge
Contract fee 1% of the asset's acquisition value, min 180 EUR
Commission Fees for Amendments to the Leasing Contract
Execution of amendments:
changing the payment date 30 EUR
repayment holiday 65 EUR
extension/reduction of the contract period 100 EUR
execution of amendments to the other provisions of the agreement up to 1% of the unpaid balance, min 75 EUR
Commission Fees for Other Services Related to Leasing Transactions
Service Fee
Processing of fines and penalties 35 EUR + incurred expenses
Ordering a notarized power of attorney 100 EUR + incurred expenses
Unattested power of attorney 10 EUR
Registering a security in Estonian Road Administration state fee + 25 EUR
Issuing of invoice on paper 2 EUR
Notice regarding arrears 5 EUR
Confirmation of balance 10 EUR
Exemption of security 100 EUR
Apporval of E-transaction transactions in Estonian Road Administration 50 EUR + related expences
  • 1 VAT will be added to the service fees.