Other credit-related services

Commission fee for preparation of the documents (int. al. references)1,2
Service Fee
Debt claim letter 5 EUR
Contractual penalty for not delivering the 25 EUR
Service fee for statement of the annual report from the Commercial Register (incl. if the customer is not presented it in time)
Preparation of agreement on issuance of guarantee(s), import letter(s) of credit and related documents:
if secured by cash assests or term deposit Free of charge
other security As agreed (min. 150 EUR)
Amendment to the agreement 75 EUR
  • 1 If a document must be notarized, customer pay actual expenses of notary service additionaly.
  • 2 If the commission fee for execution of new lending transaction, substantial amendments within lending transaction, refinancing transaction or execution of escrow account agreement is not applied simultaneously.