Payment plans

Services included in Payment plan Citadele 15 Citadele 55 Citadele 120
Service Fee
Commission fee for the Payment Plan per month 8 EUR 14 EUR 25 EUR
Electronic payments within Citadele bank group (without limitations) Free of charge
SEPA, SEPA Instant payments 15 payments free of charge 55 payments free of charge 120 payments free of charge
Opening and maintenance of current account 1 account – free of charge 3 account – free of charge 3 account – free of charge
Issuance and maintenance of Mastercard Debit Business card within first year from the moment of drawing up of the Payment Plan 1 card 2 cards 3 cards
Connection to Citadele Online Banking and activation of MobileScan or issue of Digipass GO3 to one user Free of charge
Access to and usage of Citadele online bank and SMS bank Free of charge