Loans and leasing

What can be done to improve your credit rating?

Payment discipline - timely payment of credit payments and bills - is essential for building good creditworthiness. Therefore, even if you have a payment delay, you can change this habit and improve your credit rating. Creditworthiness will also be improved by settling already overdue payments. Even if a person has been registered for late payment in a debt collection database, it is important that these obligations are closed at the time of the credit review. The status of an active debtor at the time of the loan review is much worse than the situation if you have had late payments, which are currently paid.

An important aspect is a stable, official and regular income. A workplace with several years of service will improve your credit rating, but it will also be a good credit rating if you have passed the novitiate period at work and have been working for some time. It is better to wait and not take credit during the novitiate period. By the way, Citadele customers who have been transferring their monthly income to Citadele's account for more than three months can receive a consumer loan with a reduced rate.

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