No phone. No Wallet. No problem.


Available for all C cards

Use Fitbit Pay with any C card.


Freedom of payments

Pay on the go and leave your belongings at home.


Easy and secure

Use Fitbit Pay with enhanced security and personal authentication.

How to add your card?

  • When your device is close by, select the Today tab and the Fitbit logo, then select your profile picture. Afterwards, select the device picture and the wallet icon.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to add a payment card. If you’re setting up Fitbit Pay for the first time, you may be prompted to set a 4-digit PIN code for your device. Note that you also need passcode protection enabled for your phone.
  • After you add a card, follow the on-screen instructions to turn on notifications for your phone (if you haven’t already done so) to complete the setup.
  • You can add up to six cards to the Wallet (five cards for Charge 3 and Charge 4), and choose which card to set as the default payment option on your device.

How to pay?

If prompted, enter your 4-digit watch PIN code. Your default card appears on the screen. Note that the Payments screen might be hidden if you haven't set up Fitbit Pay.

Ionic, Versa and Versa 2

If you chose Fitbit Pay as your button shortcut, hold the button on your watch for 2 seconds to activate it. Otherwise, swipe down from the top of your screen. After your notifications appear, swipe down again to open the control center. Tap the Icon of a stack of credit cards and then Fitbit Pay icon.

All other devices

When you’re ready to pay, press and hold the left button on your device for 2 seconds. Swipe to the Payments screen if it's not shown.

Don’t have a C card yet?

Select the one most suitable card for you and start enjoying the wide range of benefits.

  • Free transfers within Estonia and Europe.
  • Free cash withdrawals from ATMs worldwide.
  • Extensive insurance coverage for travels and purchases.
  • Option of adding a credit limit up to 15 000 EUR.
  • C REWARDS discounts and prizes.
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