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  • From 2.49%interest rate per year
  • Up to 90%financing
  • Up to 72 monthslease period

Operating lease for electric cars with no deposit

Receive special terms when you choose a new environmentally-friendly car with fast leasing

  • Deposit from 0%
  • Interest from 2.49%
  • Rent up to 72 months

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  • Financial leasing or operating lease
  • Leasing on a new or second-hand car or motorcycle

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350 EUR

6 300 EUR


5 %

90 %


2.49 %

10 %


350 EUR

6 650 EUR


5 %

95 %

Minimal lease amount is 5000 EUR

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The initial annual percentage rate is 2.91% under the following sample conditions: asset price with VAT €19,000, down payment 10%, contract period 5 yearss, number of repayments 60, contract fee €180, interest rate 6 months’ EURIBOR + margin 2.49% per annum, leasing amount €17,100.00, last payment 35% of the acquisition cost, total amount of  repayments €18,530.43. The rate has been calculated on the assumption that the principal amount and interest will be repaid as monthly annuity payments. The annual premiums of third party only and comprehensive insurance have not been considered in the sample conditions. Upon taking a lease, comprehensive and third party only insurance contracts must also be entered into. The vehicle leasing provider is Citadele Leasing and Factoring OÜ (License No 4.1-1/168).

Number Payment date Remaining amount Principal amount Interest amount Payment amount

Find out which leasing method is most suitable for you

  • Financial leasing will be most suitable if you want to own your car. Monthly payments, compared with an operating lease, will be higher, however, the car will be yours after the final payment. 
  • An operating lease is suitable if you want to use a car for a certain amount of time and aren’t sure whether you wish to keep it. Monthly payments, compared with financial leasing, will be smaller. At the end of the lease period, you will be able to choose whether to return the car or purchase it for the remaining value.

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