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Will I have to change the leasing object's technical passport at Estonian Road Administration due to changes of Citadele Leasing & Factoring name?

You do not need to change your vehicle's technical passport if you are traveling in the EU or the EEA. The technical passport of vehicle should be changed in case you need a power of attorney from Citadele Leasing & Factoring to travel to CIS countries or outside EU. In this case, the change of the vehicle registration certificate must be made before leaving the country with this vehicle and costs will be covered by Citadele Factoring. In case of a change of the vehicle technical passport, please contact us by calling +372 77 00 000 to clarify the refund order.

At the same time, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that in September 2018, changes in the regulatory enactments of the Russian Federation came into force, which determine the procedure for crossing the Russian border with a leased vehicle. When crossing the border, a security deposit must be paid, the amount of which depends on the age of the car, the size of the engine and the market value. Considering this, before planning to go to Russia with a leased car, please contact the Customs Service of the Russian Federation in advance to find out the amount of the fee and the procedure for its payment.

By issuing a power of attorney for departure to the CIS at the request of the client, the leasing company does not guarantee the crossing of the border of the Russian Federation.

Russian Customs Service
+7 (499) 449-7771

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