Loans and leasing

Can I partially repay the loan before term?

In order to partially repay the loan before term, you must:

  • submit a signed application;
  • transfer the amount stated in the application into the loan repayment account.

You can submit the order:

  • in person at a Citadele branch;
  • through the Citadele online bank;
  • by email at (in this case, you must sign the application with a secure electronic signature).

Submitting the order through the online bank

After logging in to the online bank, go to "Lending and Leasing", select the loan to be repaid, select "Apply for loan amendments", then fill in the necessary fields.

Submitting the order by email

  • Prepare the application, indicating your name, surname, personal code, loan agreement number and the purpose of the application.
  • Sign the application digitally and email it to

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