Citadele Mobile Application

How do I enable push notifications for card or account transactions?

First, you have to log in to the app and then select More → Settings→ Notifications.

Here, you will see several types of notification. If all your notifications are switched off, you can enable them and press Save. 

However, if all your notifications are active, then you should take the following steps: 
1) Switch off all notifications and press Save; 
2) Exit the app and close it completely so that it doesn’t appear in your list of active apps. 
3) Reopen the app and repeat the first two steps, this time enabling notifications and pressing Save. 

When you open the app again, notifications should work. You can check this in several ways: 
1) By transferring money between your accounts, for example, one cent. 
2) By going to a store and paying by card or phone.

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