Citadele Mobile Application

Registration on the Instant Link registry, or how to receive payments made to my phone number

How do I register?

Log in to the Citadele app and select More → Settings → Link phone number
Next, complete the four-step registration process. 

1. Request an SMS code. 
2. Enter the code you receive via SMS. 
3. Select the account to which you would like to receive these payments.
4. Read the Instant Link registry terms and conditions, and confirm registration.

From this moment on, someone can send you money even if they only know your phone number! 

How do I change the account to which my phone number is linked?

To change the account linked to payments to a phone number, visit More → Settings → Link phone number. 

There, you will see the account you have linked. When you click on this, you will be able to select any of your other accounts. Afterwards, do not forget to press Save in the upper right corner. 

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