Online banking

Where can I see the status of incoming payments in the online bank?

When you log in to the online bank, you will be directed to a page called Basic Information, where you will see all your accounts. To see incoming payments, click on the account you are interested in, and the transactions for this account will open. 

Here, you can check whether the payment you are interested in has been received. If you are interested in a specific, previously-received payment, you can find it using the transaction search.

To find out how to find a specific transaction, click here. Bear in mind that payment completion time depends on the type of transfer:

  • An instant payment will be completed within seconds.
  • SEPA payment's completion time could be between 3 hours and 3 days, depending when the payment was initiated. 
  • International payments may take up to two days. 

If you see that a payment has taken longer than the above times to complete, please contact the recipient bank and ask them to check the payment.

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