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Pay in style – pay with a ring

Even something as ordinary as making a payment can turn into an interesting conversation with the cashier. Choose a ring colour that suits your style and use it to pay just like with a contactless payment card.

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The most important things to bear in mind when choosing sustainable electronics.

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Consumer loan

Who else will realise your ideas, if not you?

Not all ideas are pipe dreams, overly ambitious and unachievable. And not all ideas have to be put off until "someday." Use a consumer loan to achieve the things which are important to you and which will enrich your life.

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Financial habits of Generations X, Y and Z

63% of older people would rather make payments through the online bank, while 66% of Generation X choose to pay with the app. This is even more pronounced for Generation Z, of whom 97% choose this payment method.

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C REWARDS loyalty program

Get more than anywhere else

Good things happen to good people. When you choose and use C card, every purchase pays off, and you get rewarded. In our C REWARDS program, you'll find prizes and discounts to suit every taste.

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Mobile app

We love meeting you, but it's not a must

Life offers much more exciting events than visiting a bank. You can take care of all your financial matters while on the go. Be the master of your life, as the bank is right there – in your pocket. If you need assistance, you can simply send us a message in the chat.

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Electric car leasing

Be a part of a positive change

Enjoy life and embark on adventures with a green car. Put on your sunglasses, turn on the music, and drive towards a greener future today!

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