Mortgage Loan, Housing Loan
Service Fee
Execution of credit agreement:
using KredEx guarantee 0.5% of Amount (min. 250 EUR)
execution of credit to the rest of the cases, not mentioned in paragraph 11.1.1. 1% of Amount (min. 250 EUR)
Execution of amendments, not mentioned in 11.2.1.: 1% of the loan amount, min 150 EUR
Change of loan repayment date, repayment account, processing loan grace period, extension of loan issuance, Bank’s approvals, permissions and consents related to the property encumbered in favour of the bank1 75 EUR per each document
Fee for early repayment The amount of 3 months’ interest (will not be applied in the case of 3 months’ advance notice)
Credit resources reservation 1% annual from unused, but reserved credit sum. 0.3% annual from unused but reserved credit sum (for flats in new project which has not been finished yet .
Consumer Loan
Service Fee
Execution of agreement on issuing of Consumer Loan 2% from agreement amount (min. 50 EUR)
Execution of amendments 25 EUR
  • 1 If amendments are initiated by the bank, fee is not applied.