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Regular Payments

Save time! Allow the bank to take care of your payments!

Regular Payment of a Fixed Amount

If you have regular payments of fixed amounts such as, electricity, leasing, internet, rent or any other subscriptions the bank can take care of such payments and process them automatically based on your requirements. The regular payment of a fixed amount is a regular transfer of a fixed amount to an account specified by you. You can choose certain regularity of payment - daily, weekly, or monthly – based on your needs.
The regular payment of a fixed amount may be executed as an internal payment within Citadele or as a payment to another bank within EU (only in EUR).

How to Activate the Regular Payment

You can set up, change or cancel regular payments in the online bank for free.

How the Regular Payment is Executed

Payment can be executed on the day after activation of the regular payment. Regular payment is executed within the day specified in the order, as long as there are funds in the account sufficient to make the payment and to pay the bank’s commission fee. If there are not sufficient funds in the account on the day of payment execution, payment attempts will be repeated for 15 calendar days until the moment when the funds necessary to make payment and pay for the bank's commission fee are credited to the account. The bank does not make regular payment in parts if there are not sufficient funds in the account. If the currency of the regular payment differs from the currency of the account from which the payment shall be made, the bank will covert the funds at the exchange rate of the bank that is in effect that day.

This is the website of the financial service providers AS Citadele banka Estonian branch, OU Citadele Leasing Estonian branch ja OU Citadele Factoring. We advise you to carefully read the terms and conditions of our service before entering into a contract and consult an expert, if necessary. Citadele does not provide a credit advisory service for the purposes of the Creditors and Credit Intermediaries Act. The borrower makes the decision of taking out a loan, who assesses the suitability of the loan product and contractual terms to his/her personal loan interest, need and financial situation on the basis of the information and warnings presented by the bank and is responsible for the consequences related to concluding the agreement.