X smart for young people

With convenient mobile application

  • Google play
  • With no monthly feeYoung people aged between 7 and 21 do not have to pay a monthly card fee
  • X REWARDS programmeDiscounts at our partner stores. Earn points on each purchase for exchange for valuable prizes
  • Modern payment methodsPayments for purchases with contactless card, bracelet, phone or Apple Pay

Benefits of the X smart card

  • Push notifications on your phone for each purchase and incoming payment
  • Cash withdrawals of up to 1000 Euro per month at any ATM for no commission fee
  • Transfers within seconds an unlimited number of times for free. For those aged 17 (including), transfers are available with parental permission

Modern contactless payments

  • Payment wristband if you don’t want to take your card or wallet with you. It is waterproof and available in four colours: red, white, purple and black
  • Phone payments. All you have to do is activate mobile payments in the Citadele app. This functionality is available on Android phones with NFC support
  • Apple Pay, if you are aged 13 or over. Pay with Apple Pay in stores and online without filling in registration forms or creating new accounts
  • No need to enter a PIN code for payments up to 50 EUR

More on contactless payments

X REWARDS prizes and discounts

  • Special offers and discounts with our partners in stores, cafes and entertainment
  • Films at Forum Cinemas with a 15% discount, Ice Age Centre 15% discount
  • After registering for the X REWARDS programme collect points towards your chosen prize from a wide range of shopping, culinary and leisure prize offers
  • Points for purchases using your X smart card: 2 Euro = 1 X REWARDS point

More about X REWARDS

Ready to apply?

  • Aged between 7 and 17 (including): you can only apply for an X smart card with your parents at a Citadele branch. Parents can also apply for an X smart card if the child is not present
  • Aged between 18 and 21: apply with a selfie via the Citadele mobile app and receive your X smart card remotely

Useful information for children and parents

  • For the parents of younger children: you can monitor your child’s spending in the mobile app and online bank, and be by their side as they learn to manage their money
  • Quickly and conveniently transfer money to your child’s account within seconds, even if your account is with another bank
  • Both the young person and parent can block a lost or stolen card by calling 77 00 000
  • Change the PIN code even if you don’t remember the old one in the app, if your settings allow

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for an X smart card?

Up to  17 (including) years. You can open an X smart card account with one of your parents or guardians at any bank branch.
Remember to bring: the parent or guardian’s passport or ID card, the child’s birth certificate or the child’s passport / ID card (from the age of 15). Guardians will also need to bring an Orphans’ and Custody Court confirmation of guardianship or a certificate of guardianship issued by the Orphans’ and Custody Court.

From 18 years. You can become a client and apply for an X smart card in the Citadele app or your nearest branch.

What online banking services and access will be available?

Up to 17 (including) years. The online bank usage regime is chosen by the parents. Options include a monitoring regime or a special regime allowing transfers from their account, payment, blocking or unblocking cards, and card replacement. A child’s parent or guardian can only monitor their child’s spending, and view account balance and transactions in the monitoring regime.

Over 18s. All operations are available in the online bank: money transfers, blocking or unblocking cards, replacing cards and applying for bank products.

What mobile app access will be available?

Up to 17 (including) years. If the monitoring regime has been selected for the online bank, then both the child and parent (or guardian) can use the app to see account balance, the card, purchases and X REWARDS points. If the special regime has been selected for the online bank, the young person will be able to use the app to make transfers, activate the card, change the PIN code, and block and unblock cards. 

Over 18s. All operations are available in the mobile app: money transfers, card activation, blocking or unblocking cards, and PIN code change