Disputing card transactions

The cunsumer has the right to dispute a bankcard transactions in the following instances:

  • received merchandise has a defect;
  • received merchandise is not as ordered;
  • the consumer has not received the ordered products or services;
  • the transaction was cancelled but the merchant has not provided the refund;
  • the transaction failed but the merchant charged nonetheless;
  • the service period expired but the merchant is still charging for it;
  • the merchant has charged for the transaction more or less than was agreed.

The consumer must start the transaction dispute process by contacting the merchant. If the consumer cannot reach a solution with the merchant or the merchant fails to reply, the consumer has the right to get assistance from the card issuer, i.e. the bank.

When submitting a dispute application to the bank, the consumer must attach to it relevant background information, such as a copy of the document proving the purchase, order confirmation, correspondence with the merchant and so on. The bank will reply to the application as soon as possible. It should be noted that the dispute (refund) process can involve many parties (merchant, other credit institutions, international card issuers and so on) and it can thus take a long time before a final solution is effected.

In order to dispute a card transaction, please fill in the card transaction dispute form at our branch or submit a signed request via the Internet bank. If you are disputing a transaction via the Internet bank, please include the card number, transaction amount, date, currency, and place.

Further details are available by calling 77 00 000.