Protection of Personal data/Why are banks asking questions?

I filled out the form, but when I click ‘Next’, the same page is refreshed.

If the same page is refreshed and the action does not move to the confirmation page, the information on the form is likely to be incorrect or incomplete. First, check if there is an error or a blank field on the page, which is marked with a red frame and red text next to the field. It should state the nature of the error. The most common errors are the following.

  • You click that your address has changed or that you want to use your correspondence address, but there is no actual refreshing of the address fields.
  • In the address field, you select a country, but the rest of the data remains the same. If you do not want to update the address, you should not select a country either.
  • Entering invalid data, such as a word in the phone number field (e.g. if there is no home phone number, please leave the field blank).
  • Selecting ‘Other’ with regard to position, but not entering the actual position in the field.

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