Citadele Mobile Application

How do I install the Citadele app if I have an iOS (Apple) phone?

To download the Citadele app, open the AppStore and search “Citadele Mobile App”. 

To use the app more conveniently existing customers we encourage to install Mobile SCAN, see the activation guide here. For new customers who want to become a customer using the application no need to install Mobile SCAN.

Most common problems when installing the Citadele app on an iOS device: 

Problem: I want to install the app on my iPad, but I can’t find the Citadele app in the AppStore. 
Solution: Deselect “iPad only” in Settings to ensure that apps which are not just for tablets also appear. 

Problem: When installing the app, I receive a notification that my device is not compatible with the Citadele app. 
Solution: Check whether the device has any iOS updates to install, and install the latest version of the operating system. The Citadele app is supported on Apple iOS (from 11.0) for mobile device users.

Problem: When I press Get, nothing happens, the app does not download, or the download begins but freezes and does not continue. 
Solution: Check your connection or Wi-Fi, as a stable connection is needed for app downloads. If your connection is stable, you can pause and restart the download by holding down (long-pressing) the Citadele app icon. If this does not help, restart your device and then try downloading again. 

Problem: To install the app, the AppStore requires me to register my payment card. 
Solution: It is free to download and use the Citadele app, but AppStore terms in some countries require a valid payment card to download any app. In this case, you can either use the AppStore from a different country, or add a valid payment card.

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