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What are the most common problems when trying to connect to Citadele Online Banking with ID card?

Computer can’t detect ID card – Make sure Your ID card is correctly inserted to the card reader and the ID-software is up to date. Check that the connection between the card reader and the computer is working. Many ID-card readers have a signal light. The most common explanations for the signal lights of the card reader are:

  • The light is not on: the computer is not connected to the ID-card reader.
  • The light is on: the connection between the computer and card reader is working. 
  • The light is blinking: the connection between the computer and card reader is working and the computer is actively trying to get information from the card reader/card.  
  • If you have no signal light on your reader, you simply have to test the reader’s functionality using trial-and-error.

If there is no connection between the card reader and the computer, try reconnecting the ID-card’s cable with the computer. Make sure that the card reader’s USB-end is fully/deeply inserted into the computer port and, if possible, check whether another USB-port works better.

You receive error incorrect username/password – If you are digitally onboarded customer ID card is not automatically added to you online banking contract. Please use MobileSCAN for connecting to online bank. For adding ID card as additional authorization device you need to contact the bank and sign additional amendment to online banking agreement.

Make sure You are not trying to log in to the internet bank using an incognito browser mode. Use a regular browser tab to log in and see, if the problem continues.

If problems persist, please contact ID helpline (+372) 666 8888 or read more here.

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