Phone POS

When I login to the Citadele Phone POS application, the message "Check the correctness of entered Username or password" pops up. What am I doing wrong?

There may be several possibilities for such a situation to occur:

  1. If you have already activated the payment terminal and replaced the default password for the one of your own, make sure that you enter it.
  2. If there is another cashier who also uses this device, with the same credentials, please check whether he/she has changed the password.
  3. If you forgot the password that you set after activating the application, return the default password in the Merchant's portal. The details are in Merchant portal User Guide > Resetting the Password for the Application.
  4. If your device is already linked to another Merchant (their payment terminal) and is used by them. In this case, you need to disconnect the device from the payment terminal of the "old" Merchant. This feature is available in the Merchant's  portal under the account of the "old" Merchant. For more information go to the Merchat portal User Guide > Payment Terminal unbinding.

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