Pay with a contactless card, phone or wristband

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More options for secure payments

The PIN-free limit for contactless payments has been increased to 50 EUR. This applies to payments made with a contactless card, Android phone, wristband or sticker. Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay users can pay with no limits as before.

Phone payments

  • Payments using a phone are available for Android devices with NFC technology. All you need to do is activate mobile payments through the app and pay with your phone just like with a contactless card.
  • You can use the app to set your PIN-free purchase limit. All payments over 50 Euro must be confirmed with a PIN code.
  • Secure: you can only pay once the phone has been unlocked.

Apple Pay

Convenient, secure payments for Apple devices.

  • Pay at retail stores, in apps and online without filling in a form or creating an account
  • No additional fees or limits—the payment limit is the same as for your payment card
  • Confirm payments with Face ID, Touch ID or a password
  • Your card number will not be stored in your device or on Apple servers, nor is it given to retailers
  • Works with compliant Apple devices: iPhone SE and later, Apple Watch, iPad and MacBook devices with Touch ID and Face ID log-in options.

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Wristband and sticker for contactless payment

You can tap your wristband and sticker just like a contactless card.

  • If you don’t want to take your wallet or phone, you can use a contactless wristband. It’s linked to your card, and you pay in exactly the same way—by tapping it on the card reader. The wristband is hard-wearing, so you can even wear it when you play sports or go swimming.
  • Meanwhile, you can stick the sticker wherever you want—on your trusty old non-smart phone, student ID or any other important item with a smooth surface
  • The limit for wristband and sticker payments is the same as for your card—you can spend up to 50 EUR without entering your PIN.
  • Both the sticker and wristband cost 50 cents per month. You can receive them at any of our branches, making sure you bring your passport or ID card. The sticker or wristband will act as an additional card for your account.