Contactless payment options

Your new lifestyle - pay by bracelet or sticker

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What will be your new contactless payment method?

When card payments have become mundane, is there anything more convenient? When a grandma beeps her card in a shop, could she pay in a more modern way? Our clients have more opportunities – bracelet and sticker.

Bracelet for contactless payments

You can tap your bracelet just like a contactless card. Why are the bracelets popular?

  • Have you ever left your arm at home or in your coat? You’ve left your wallet. But if you have this bracelet, your wallet can stay in your house or car.
  • You’ll be surprised at how convenient the bracelet is. Paying is as simple and fast as stretching out a hand. And it’s durable - wear it when working out or even swimming.
  • The bracelet is attractive and available in four colours. Match your outfit or personality.
  • The bracelet is secure. Change the bracelet’s PIN code on the Citadele app. Use it to block the bracelet if it gets lost. If you find it - you can unblock it. Make purchases of up to 25 Euro with no PIN.
  • The cost of a bracelet and microcard is pleasantly low - 50 cents per month. Pick one up at our branch.

Paying with a sticker

Use our partner Visa’s contactless payment sticker. It works the same as a contactless card - tap to pay.

  • For sticking on your phone. It’s also thin enough to keep behind your phone case without sticking it down. When you get a new phone, you won’t have to come to the bank for a new one.
  • Paying with a sticker is secure. Change the sticker’s PIN code on the Citadele mobile app, block and unblock. Payments up to 25 Euro can be made without entering your PIN.
  • The cost for a VISA payment sticker is pleasantly low - 50 cents per month. Pick one up at our branch.

How do I start using them?

It’s easy

  • Pick up a bracelet or sticker at our branch. Bring your ID card or passport. The sticker or bracelet will be added as a separate card to your account.
  • If you aren’t our client yet, apply for an X smart card and bracelet or sticker.