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How can we help with payment cards?

What do I do if the reserved amount has still not been cancelled 15 days later?

If the money has been both taken from your account and can still be seen under reserved transactions, in this case you must write an order through the online bank to cancel the reservation. 
Bear in mind that transaction sums are reserved until the transaction has been registered in the account, but no longer than 16 days. After 16 days, the reservation is cancelled automatically.

If the transaction is not automatically cancelled, contact the bank by submitting an order via the online bank.  

To apply, go to the online bank and select Correspondence with Bank → Order to Bank.

You must fill in all the fields marked with a star. 
The text must include information on the transaction whose reservation needs cancelling. You must include the card number, transaction sum, transaction date, transaction location (retailer). 

Bear in mind that cancelling the reservation does not mean that the transaction cannot be submitted later by the retailer.

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