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How can we help with payment cards?

How to cancel regular card payment?

Cancelling the service that was subscribed using a payment card must be done in the way the merchant specified in the terms and conditions that were provided when signing up for the service.

There are several options, to cancel a service subscribed to using your payment card: 

1. Open the service provider’s website or app, or go to Subscriptions in the Google Play store/App Store. 
Log in to your profile and try to find a place where you can change your settings. 

This example shows how to cancel a Netflix subscription. 
Open the Netflix website, log in to your profile, select Account, then Cancel Membership and choose Finish Cancellation.





2. There are cases (very rarely) when you can only cancel the subscription by contacting the provider itself. 
We recommend finding the email you received when you subscribed to this service. This may contain information on how to unsubscribe. 

3. If you cannot cancel by any of the means mentioned above, you could replace your payment card in order to cancel a monthly payment.

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